I was once mistaken for someone who was good in bed And when I got the part I studied it hard and I played it well

When I saw the script I almost flipped coz I already knew

People like this and how they lived cos it was me and you


feels like I'm still playing night and daying learning the words


I just wanted to live like an actor and love like a Rolling Stone in the afternoon

I just wanted to be a chameleon and live the bohemian life with all the kooks and goons

When I heard the applause and she dropped her draws I just wanted moreA

nd then we broke for lunch and I had a hunch what was behind the door

Was gonna pawn the TV when I got the Sweeny now I'm number one

And now I tread the boards and win the awards and I'm the rom com don



La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la x2