Justin Likwid Anderson

Justin Liquid Anderson decided at a young age to only release one classic cult album per decade, he burst onto the scene in 1992 with Frealism by Freaky Realistic. At 25 he had secured a five album deal with major labelPolydor. Having spent his teens and early twenties playing in bands in squatted venues across South London, the Liquid, as he became known got lucky through a chance meeting with film director and JAMC originator Douglas Hart. He hooked him up with Ex Billy Mckenzie cronie John Hollingsworth and Momentum Sound. Timo Blunck (Palais Shamberg) and Gerard Johnson (St Etienne) produced. 


This dance pop project snowballed into big budget videos, critical acclaim, singles of the week from the NME to Smash Hits, Styled in Vogue by Isabella Blow and prime time appearances on The Word. Koochie Ryderremains actor Bill Nighy's Desert Island Disc. The nineties pop bubble burst with the usual stories of violence, robbery and reduced serotonin. Escaping from the West end club life, Juzzy Jenkins, as he reverted to, laid low on Peckham Rye. A chance meeting in the covered market with Barry Seven and Andrew Aveling led to the formation and a gig as Add n to x at Paul Tunkins Blow Up club on the HMS Belfast. An album followed with inevitable fast access. It was a perverse move for the sometime sunshine popper. Dark instrumental analogue synth moves led to Richard Norris (The Grid) at Hoxton's Red Lion pub. He was teamed up with a doppelgänger also known as Richard Norris which upon analysis in a book on pagan mythology meant they must form a group, and call it Gold Star. These men signed a publishing deal with Deconstruction which begat BMG who begat Universal and until the 31st of December 2017 all the aforementioned works must remain.

HQ Studios The liquidated one then moved to Shoreditch and set up HQ studios, clubs and festivals with Percy Parker's PPQ clothing and Sean Mclusky's 1234 records. He honed his production skills producing early demos for The Libertines - Never Never (Hancock version). Whitey's first album and Hairy Diamond's Givin Up were all produced and released by Justin and co.

Writing skills were developed via producing and co writing for young starlets such as Kym Marsh and Peaches Geldof leading to new publishing deals with Global Talent/Spirit. HQ was also the base for many acclaimed clubs of the late nineties such as Happiness Stan's and Renegade Pop. This emerging club/bar scene connected them with Tummy Touch who released 2002's Turn On by MainsIgnition. 


Acclaimed by cult heroes such as AndrewWeatherall and Jarvis Cocker, who took them on the forest tour with Pulp, Mains' work lent itself well to the soundtrack market. Syncs in major motion pictures and TV followed which attracted the attention of the music library and instrumental world.

During the 2010's Liquid mainly worked with Felt Music Berwick St Soho on soundtracks while bringing up his son in the suburbs and playing skiffle in Brentford with ale drinking retirees. Recovering from the excesses and disillusionment of cult celebrity having failed the audition as himself in the Shoreditch Twat TV pilot and having elements of Nathan Barley based on himself and his associates. "Welcome to renegade HQ"

It wasn't until 2011's Cherry Red reissue of Frealism that 'Kwid' as he was now known was reminded of his own song writing and returned to pop. Now in the market for his third publishing deal and to place songs with artists. 

Available for co-writes/productions/synchs and artist development.

A celebration of Tummy Touch's release of 'The Girls of HQ' Collecting together the best of the starlet work to coincide with a reissue of the Mains Ignition back catalogue. 

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