So I'm putting together an event for Acid Jazz around the release of the Mains Ignition retrospective. Talking about venues like BGWMC, St Moritz(nah) or a mystery location in Monument. The first and last both require me to work with Alan Milliner who is a much respected mutual friend of many people I know. Me not so much. He's always seemed to have zero respect for me which I can handle. Many people in this world do. But at the Hairy Diamonds' 50th bday I was innocently taking a piss and Milliner started slapping me on the back with his own piss soaked hand to the point I started to lose my balance and I had to get verbally cunty. Over the next week he sent me a personal invite to an event and I had to say I didn't appreciate his action. I saw him at a Richard Searle DJ event last week and he's apologetic but I'm not so sure.