Hey Dead end kwids (It's what you likwid fans are calling yourselves) There's a new solo album out now. Thanks to Michael Tiley-Evill and his Shambotic Record label. He's mastered them and got them on all the streaming sites. Not sure if he is doing any PR, promotion or marketing. It should lead to more action by the very nature of there being ten world-class pop tunes. I've got a million dollar talent and I'm making millions of dollars.


I've got Andy Fraser and Some Friendly PR on the case. He's an old mate and has done PR for many indie legends like the Horrors and Tim Burgess. His company did the last Mains Ignition album....actually thinking about it they couldn't get us one article. May have been the record and it was Emma not Andy.

Mains-wise Paul's done a great Testify remix under the name Cassio Sunburn. I'm in the process of reviving Acid Jazz interest in the retrospective. Proving challenging. I've done it before and I'll do it again. It'll be 3 years next month I signed that to them. I testify baby I love you in the morning!

Going to Manor Park tomorrow to work with INDADA the supergroup. Ross Allen's coming over for a listening session. He's managing us and releasing on his new label Foundation. More than enough material for a classic house-punk album.

The Juz'n'Liz project, which is possibly the most commercial of all needs a little communication. We should be nearing a release of the tracks and Priest J and G.O.B.A have been playing them their Club FM show.