Gear Interview

There is a gear fab interview with the likwidation on this website:

1. How would you best describe what you do to the uninitiated?

I'm a singer, songwriter and producer who has made some pop art sound pictures.

2. Where would you say you are with regard to your career right now?

Developing into my label head and mogul mode with Boss Engine.

3. Which song (not neccesarilly yours) best sums you/the band up and why?

My best known tunes: Koochie Ryder by Freaky Realistic and Testify by Mains ignition. Fun Sixties based party pop that mix cartoon, movie magic and dance floor grooves.
  For more twisted depth check out This Is Freaky Realistic and Mains Prayer. Semi eponymous tunes by the same bands.

4. Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration (musically or otherwise)?

The Simpsons, Elvis Presley, Diane Warren.

5. Is there anyone amongst your influences that you think would surprise people and why?

Vic Reeves Big Night Out. I've always found comedians, TV shows, Cartoons and films equally if not more inspirational than music. Perhaps I've never really felt like I fitted into any current genre or scene so would get more ideas from other areas.

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