Here is the outrageous response to my good pal and webmaster Andy Martinez:

 Hear me ramble! Since his I have got a new microphone. I mean I gotta vid blog. Typing is long. I need the path of least resistance. One thing I didn't address is Mr Martinez says I've gotta put my photos in photoshop first. NO! Get a rotating feature. Talk to your New Zealand man. Me and all your other clients wanna rotate. I've been chatting with them all in different web rooms and platforms. Also at the end of the video I said blog when I meant Bio. I'm sorry. So sorry.

Meanwhile I'm still fucked. Thyroid put me out of action last week and I slept for two days. I'm in a vicious cycle of being too tired to got to doctor. I keep turning up on the wrong day or at the wrong time. Blerg! On the up side I've got a beautiful girlfriend and warm flat.

The HQ podcast. Acid Jazz are coming up with a few interesting ways to promote the Mains Ignition album. All of them require me to do a ton of bleedin work:  1: HQ podcast, talk to all the characters involved. Got them all lined up but I'm so knackered and they've all gone quiet. Prob do a lot on Skype. if I can.

2 Blog: I'm doing it I'm doing it. Leaking my insanity online. Follow this and my youtube channel to watch my inevitable mental breakdown.

3: a live gig: dig out all the old Mains boys who are dotted around the world: Australia, Tunbridge Wells, Cockfosters, Camberwell. Only got one to agree. But he's a good one. Adam. We did have a Mains jam a year ago with him and Lester but lester then dropped off the face of the Earth.

I'm doing all these and in the meantime they are getting massive syncs for the album. If I detected any cynicism and world weariness around the organization I am far too positive to acknowledge it.