Hey Fans,

  Excuse the ridiculously long silence. I can only say I was mentally and physically burnt out again until very recently. I think getting the JLA project as far as I did was a superhuman task for little old Liquid. Had a couple of personal changes that hit a little hard too. Split up with my lovely girl and my son started staying at his mum's much more so I got a bit isolated.

   Worked through all that. Reached a point where I just had enough of the physical side of it. Changed medication, exercise and attitude. Off Thyroxine and back on NDT. Feeling better. Through BAPAM and Help Musicians UK I've received counselling and a some financial help. The latest application is for money to press 250 copies of the solo album.

   INDADA the house supergroup with me and Cymon Eckel started working with Richard Thomas (Kano) in a management role. He has been taking four of our best around all the biggest labels. This is the project I've worked on most consistently this year because of his involvement.

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