Excuse the large gap. Help Musicians and co have all had massive budget cuts so the vinyl is on hold again.

   I'm including a picture from last Christmas where I sang "Lonely This Christmas" with Rob Davis from Mud on the bill with many other greats including Dana Gillespie, Liz Cass and Malcolm Powder. It was organised by Martin Green and Will Hodgkinson who are old friends from the Smashing nightclub in the 90's. It's the 30th year anniversary of Freaky Realistic and their video that was done at the Gaslight Club in Piccadilly. 

  The Lace and the Longing by Cosmetique has just been released on Blow Up Records. I produced that 20 years ago for record labels that dissolved. Paul Tunkin is doing great work promoting and it's had worldwide airplay including Gary Crowley on Radio London which was great for me as I was a Magic Box fan in the 80's but he didn't like Freaky Realistic. 

  INDADA will come out in early 2024 on Ross Allen's Foundation label in conjunction with Boys Own Records relaunch. Richard Parrot Barrett is now a full on member of the team which is exciting. Rachel and Bea on vocals. Me and Cy writing and working in the background.